Report on Our First Meeting

Women Who Hack, First Meeting
Women Who Hack had its first gathering on January 8, 2012 at Collective Agency. About 30 women attended throughout the afternoon.

Collectively, we hacked on:

  • Ruby and Rails, which lots of folks learning
  • Hardware hacking on “Beepy Piano” for possible DJ project
  • Calagator localization
  • GnuPlot + Octave
  • Miscellaneous, but essential tasks for various events planned for 2012 (Ignite, BarCamp, Open Source Bridge)

Before we parted company we chatted about what we liked about the gathering. Generally everyone had an enjoyable time and liked having a specific time and place to come work on stuff projects without the usual distractions.

Thanks to everyone who attended our first meeting! If you couldn’t make it, don’t fret because we’re going to make this a regular, monthly event!

I’m working on finalizing February’s date and will post an announcement here and in all the usual places as soon as it’s confirmed. If you’d like to be the first to know, join our Google Group or follow us on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Report on Our First Meeting

  1. Where’s “local” and what state/area of the globe is this taking place? Would be nice to know. Your About page doesn’t offer a clue either.

    • We are based in Portland, Oregon, USA. I’ve updated the header and about page with our location.

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