We’re alive! And we’re having a meeting June 30, noon-5pm @ Lucky Lab North

Where & When

Note: Lucky Lab is a pub, but minors are allowed until 10pm.


1. Arrivals
2. Introductions
3. Announcements
4. Hacking!

We follow a very informal timeline at Women Who Hack. Feel free to drop in any time you are able. Food and drink are available for purchase from the main bar any time.

Attendance Notes

Our goal is to support local women hackers (and aspiring hackers) by providing a safe, welcoming environment in which you can connect with and learn from each other.

We’re kid-friendly, too, so feel free to bring your children with you.

Women Who Hack is open to all self-identified women and genderqueer persons, as well as accompanied children of all genders.

Please, no fragrances (perfumes, scented lotions, etc.), to make our meetings welcoming to those with chemical sensitivities.

See you in a couple of weeks!