Come One, Come All!

It’s just about that time again, women hackers! Our next meeting will be October 20th at the Mozilla office at 1120 NW Couch St., Suite 320, Portland, Oregon 97209 from noon until five.

You can find the extended details on calagator for our next meeting. It should be an exciting meeting, with several members of Portland Code School‘s* newest classes (in both JavaScript and Ruby), as well as several Code Scouts* to add to our regular bunch!

Recently, I’ve heard concerns from some women about not being technical enough, or being subjected to some sort of interview for admission to the meetings. I wanted to reassure anyone considering coming that there is no minimum level of proficiency in any kind of skill. We have everyone from senior developers to statisticians to freelancers to people who’ve never touched a line of code in their lives, and that’s how we like it!

Also, there is no pressure to write code while you attend our meetups! Women Who Hack wants to encourage all types of hacking–lifehacking, crafting, hardware hacking, or whatever else you’re working on. We simply want to provide a space for women to get together and do something they are passionate about together, so come join us!


*Full disclosure: I am both a Portland Code School Ruby student, and a Code Scout, so opinions about these organizations are my own.

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