Our mission is to support local women (cis & trans*) and genderqueer hackers, technologists and makers by providing a safe, welcoming environment in which they can connect with and learn from each other. We operate in Portland, Oregon.

Read our history for more information about how we started.

Our members include software and hardware engineers, coders, hackers, technical writers, etc. Please feel free to attend if you are involved or want to become involved in technology regardless of the specific area.

We are an explicitly non-commercial gathering. We don’t sell or share our attendee lists with sponsors or recruiters.

Meetings and Participation Guidelines

Women Who Hack hosts two regular meetings (4th Tuesday and 4th Sunday). Please review our Participation Guidelines if you’re interested in attending.


Our logo is an illustrated version of the My Little Pony soldering iron from CRASHSpace. Thanks Obviously_Cloe for the illustration and CRASHSpace for the inspiration!